Professional Organising


We are focused but not limited to the following services:

  • Digital and Paper Management - Creating order out of your filing, be it paperwork or your digital filing system. We will also convert your paper filing into a digital format if required. This can free up a lot of space in your environment.
  • Estate Clearing & Downsizing - In the event of the death of a loved one it is always difficult to deal with the emotions associated with their estate. Let us assist you in documenting what is to be sorted and help you to organise their estate by doing a clear out in various ways such as donating, selling and recycling. We assist in incorporating the remaining pieces that you would like to keep into your home.
  • Home and Office Relocations - We manage the process of uncluttering and organising your belongings. We then assign and liaise with a removals company on your behalf to deal with the packing and transportation to your new destination. Once at point B, we take the burden of unpacking and assigning a home for all your belongings.
  • Home Organising & Clearing - includes all living areas, garages, sheds, etc. We will sort your items into categories, do a purge of unrequired / unwanted items and assign a new home for the remaining items. We will either donate, sell or recycle your unwanted items in a tracked inventory to give peace of mind as to what is being done with them. 
  • Office Organising & Clearing - Your work space is crucial in either hindering or optimising your job performance. Let us assist you in making your office a space where you want to be and where you thrive and where you are able to focus on what is important. We implement ways to organise the space as well as optimising processes and systems to maintain the order. 
  • Wardrobe Organising - If you have not worn items in your cupboard for more than a year then there is a chance that you will never wear them. If your cupboard is bulging at the hinges you probably don't even know what you have anymore. Let us assist you in clearing and reorganising this space giving your closet the ability to breathe again.
  • Home Staging & Preparation for Property Sales - Let's give your home a quick and cost effective face-lift to assist in the sale of your home. This could involve simply uncluttering the spaces and removing personal effects so as to keep the space as neutral as possible giving the buyer an opportunity to envisage themselves living there. It could also involve giving the critical areas a revamp with things such as a paint job, flooring change or garden clean up.
  • Project Management - Do you have a project that is crucial to you and needs to be completed? Does it need to have specific timelines as well as cost management? Allow us to take over this completely giving you the peace of mind that the objective will be met in a measured, systematic fashion. 
  • Time Management  - We have some very clever tools to use in your home and work environment to assist in optimising your time. Planning and scheduling can be key in our busy lives so let us help you with this.


  • You make contact with me and we will set up an on-site assessment. During the on-site assessment I will look at your objectives and take a detailed walk through the areas requiring assistance. This will allow me to be as accurate as possible in the time required for the work to be completed as well as to ensure that we match the outcomes to your objectives.
  • A proposal is provided which includes consultancy based on an hourly fee as well as additional services such as cleaning, home improvements, transportation and either the sales, donation or recycling of unwanted items. We are great at selling your unwanted items and getting the best possible price for them so will charge a percentage commission to take over this responsibility.
  • You agree to the proposal and we move forward and plan the project with you.
  • We manage and implement the project ensuring all objectives are met.
  • We have a successful and final close-out meeting and review our results.


Please contact us for more information!