Professional Organising

Welcome to our website!

This is the home of your PROFESSIONAL ORGANISER...

We provide organising consulting services for homes and businesses in the Western Cape area. 

At LIGHTEN UP we offer professional organiser consulting services all of which are aimed at getting you or your business to the point of simplicity and order with the view to maintaining it...

LIGHTEN UP has identified organisations who will benefit from receiving donated items from our clients. We also manage the donations to your charity of preference. We have identified partners on an area basis so that we can give back and uplift the area where you reside...

We have periodic courses and training sessions that are set up to provide our clients with the latest information in the professional organising arena. Corporate seminars are in development and will be the next offering in our service portfolio.

 Our Mission Statement:

"Our vision at LIGHTEN UP is firstly to assist our clients to realise their potential in a simpler world. Our lives have become far too busy and stressful and by employing certain strategies and methods in our daily lives the burden can significantly be lightened, providing us with the freedom to enjoy the fruits of our hard work.

We all need to be set free from the disorganised areas that we find ourselves in and we are here to help our clients make that crucial positive change in their lives and to provide the tools to maintain that freedom." Carmen Mulder, Founder Lighten Up